5 Best Ski Boot Heaters Insoles

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If you often ski in the middle of winter, you know how cold the weather can be, not only for your body but also for your feet. Wearing the thickest socks is usually the first thing you’ll try to keep yourself warm. Fortunately, you can also use heated insoles to prevent frostbite and other cold-related injuries.

The best ski boot heater insoles are the Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles. These use a lithium-ion battery to warm up the rubber heating element for up to six hours. They also evenly heat the insoles, so the entire surface of your feet can enjoy much-needed warmth. 

But if you want to heat your ski boots for longer periods, consider the Hotronic Upgraded FootWarmer S4+ Custom. Below, you’ll find other excellent heated insoles for ski boots that may meet your specific needs. We’ll also cover their pros and cons to help you compare different products easily. Plus, we’ll answer some of your questions about ski boot heaters below.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

  • Material : Polyester
  • Battery Description: Lithium-Ion
  • Weight: 1.32 Pounds
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  • Charging Time : 5 Hours
  • Included Components: Battery
  • Weight: 1 Pound
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  • Material : Velvet
  • Product Benefits: Rechargeable Heated Insoles
  • Weight: 1.06 Pounds
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  • Material : Best Heated Insoles
  • Use for: Ball of Foot
  • Weight: 1.01 Pound
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  • Size : One Size
  • Included Components: Battery
  • Weight: 1 Pound
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5 Best Heated Insoles for Ski Boots

Below are our top recommendations for the best heated insoles for ski boots. 

1. Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles – Editor’s Pick

Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles

The first product on this list is the Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles.

The package includes two heated insoles that have a built-in rubber element. This material emits deep and even heat across a large area. It can provide necessary warmth to your entire feet while skiing during winter.

These electric heated insoles draw power from 7.4V lithium-ion batteries. They have a 2500mAh battery capacity, which can heat your feet for up to six hours. These batteries are also easy to use—simply attach them to your leg with the included leg gaiters. Once the batteries are empty, you can charge them using the free charger.

Plus, the LED display on the batteries shows the heat level of the Thermrup insoles. Feel free to adjust the warmth levels according to the weather.

These heated insoles are also waterproof. So when they get dirty, they are easy to clean by hand or machine wash. 

Finally, these insoles for ski boots come in one size only. These can fit shoe sizes of US 4.5-14. Simply cut along the outline to match your foot measurement.

Despite these advantages, the Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles have a few downsides. First, you must wear a gaiter to secure the batteries around your legs, which can be uncomfortable to some. And if you’re not careful, it is relatively easy to twist and break the cables.

As you can tell, though, the pros outweigh the cons. That is why we picked the Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles as the best heater accessory for ski boots.


  • German-made rubber heating technology for effective insole warmth
  • A large 18 cm heating area can cover your entire foot
  • Two easy-to-use and long-lasting batteries
  • LED display with adjustable heat level
  • Waterproof and machine-washable insoles


  • It is a hassle to wear adjustable gaiters for the batteries
  • The cable is very thin and easy to break

2. Hotronic Upgraded FootWarmer S4+ – Best Premium Device

Hotronic Upgraded FootWarmer S4+

The Hotronic Upgraded FootWarmer S4+ is another excellent product for those who want quality heated insoles. 

While it’s technically not an insole, it offers heating elements that you can attach to any insole of your choice. The heating components provide three basic warmth levels, which are suitable for skiing and other winter activities. They also feature an extra heat boost setting to keep you warm in freezing temperatures.

The FootWarmer S4+ uses two powerful battery packs to activate the said heating elements. They can offer constant heat to any ski boots for up to 21 hours. So, if you’ll be out in the cold for extended periods, you’ll find this Hotronic heater for insoles handy.

The battery packs themselves have a switch to adjust the heat level for the insoles. They feature a unique design to avoid unintended changes. 

The heating kit also includes a Power Plus recharger. It is compatible with different plug outlets in the US, Canada, and Europe.

There is even a pair of self-adhesive Cambrelle covers. They are easy to apply to custom insoles or orthotic devices.

All these benefits come at a steep price, though. Some users also complained about the complicated installation with all the wires and clips.

But if you want to keep your feet extremely warm during skiing season, you can rely on Hotronic FootWarmer S4+.


  • Three basic heat settings with an extra warmth boost
  • Powerful batteries can provide heat for up to 21 hours
  • The package includes a Power Plus charger with a redesigned switch
  • The custom ski boot heater can attach to different insoles
  • Cambrelle covers sit on top of the insoles to retain warmth


  • Expensive ski boot heater
  • Complicated installation

3. GTBriter Heated Insoles

GTBriter Heated Insoles

The GTBriter Heated Insoles boast a heating time of up to 13 hours while costing considerably less than the Hotronic Footwarmer. 

They offer three adjustable temperature levels to meet the demands of various weather conditions. The low heat setting warms your feet to 113°F, whereas the medium produces 131°F heat. The highest level can achieve temperatures of 158°F, which are ideal when skiing in freezing winters. A free rechargeable remote allows you to change between these different heat settings.

These heated insoles for ski boots also include 3500 mAh batteries. They meet CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications to ensure safe heating. They are also easy to charge via the included Type-C charger.

As for their design, these thermal insoles have small holes for faster and better heating. They also use a velvet fabric material to prevent pilling. 

The insoles even come in three sizes—small, medium, and large. They fit foot or shoe sizes from US 3 to 13.5. They are slightly adjustable by cutting excess material.

On top of these benefits, GTBriter offers 18 months of warranty. It indicates how much confidence they have that their product will work.

But before buying these heated boot insoles, consider their downsides. First, some users said the remote didn’t work properly. A few customers also noticed that the charging port in the heel lacks a cover, making it susceptible to moisture damage. 

Overall, though, the GTBriter Heated Insoles is worth considering for its value for your money. They are among the best heated insoles for ski boots.


  • Adjustable temperature levels to suit different weather
  • High-capacity batteries can last up to 13 hours (at the lowest heat setting)
  • Thermal insoles with rapid heat generation design
  • Available in three sizes
  • Manufacturer offers 18 months warranty


  • The free remote doesn’t always work
  • The heel charging port is susceptible to water damage

4. JEUWITH 3500mAH Rechargeable Electric Heating Insoles

JEUWITH 3500mAH Rechargeable Electric Heating Insoles

If you’re short on budget, consider getting the JEUWITH 3500mAH Rechargeable Electric Heating Insoles.

Similar to the previous product, these heated insoles have three temperature settings. They range from 102°F to 152°F to suit different skiing conditions, from mild weather to freezing snow. The heating time varies depending on the selected heating level. A low heat setting can last up to 13 hours, while the medium option offers eight hours of usage. On the other hand, the highest temp setting can produce heat for six hours. A free remote allows you to change the heating temperatures.

The heated insoles themselves feature soft velvet construction. Together with the latest carbon fiber reinforcements, they ensure faster heating, even in cold weather.

There is also a built-in temperature sensor and a safe control chip. Both these items ensure the ski boot insoles don’t exceed the recommended heat temperature for your safety. 

The package also includes two 3500mah rechargeable batteries. They are rated to last up to 500 charges. 

Finally, these electric heated insoles can adjust to your shoe size. Simply trim the soles for a snug fit.

However, some users said the thick insoles made the boots uncomfortable to wear. A few customers also had issues with charging the product.

But for its price, the JEUWITH Rechargeable Heating Insoles are difficult to beat. They are among the best products to buy if you’re skiing during the winter.


  • Three heat temperature settings
  • Latest carbon fiber technology can provide faster heating
  • A built-in sensor to ensure your safety
  • Adjustable insole size can fit small and large ski boots
  • Free rechargeable batteries and remote


  • Thick insoles tend to be uncomfortable
  • Charging issues

5. Therm-ic C-Pack Set 1700

Therm-ic C-Pack Set 1700

The last product on this list of the best heated insoles is the Therm-ic C-Pack Set 1700

It features a pair of high-tech heating insoles fitted with ultra-fine heating elements. The elements use a round adhesive shape to attach to each insole. They also provide constant heat to your feet, ideal for skiing during the winter.

Besides the heated insoles and elements, the set includes C-pack batteries. They can offer up to 17 hours of heat. 

Plus, they boast Bluetooth function, which lets you adjust the temperature via your phone and the Thermic Heat Control App. Feel free to choose from three different heat settings.  

Finally, the package comes with two self-adhesive tapes to cover the battery cable, which attaches to the insoles.

The Therm-ic Insole Set is one of the most expensive heated insoles you may encounter, though. It also doesn’t have a wall charger; only a USB charger is available. 

That said, it is worth considering for its excellent build quality and reliable heat technology.


  • Ultra-fine heating elements provide fast and constant heat
  • It offers three adjustable heat settings
  • C-pack batteries can power the heated insoles for 17 hours
  • The Bluetooth function lets you manage the insoles via the phone app


  • Expensive
  • The package doesn’t come with a wall outlet charger

7 Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Ski Boot Heaters Insoles

If you’re still undecided about which heated insole to buy, fret not! Below are the factors to consider when shopping for heated soles for ski boots. 

Heat Settings

The best heated insoles must have multiple heat settings to allow temperature control depending on your preference. The more options you have, the better. These let you adjust accordingly to the weather conditions.

You must also consider how easy it is to change the temperature. Does the pair of insoles come with a remote control for your convenience? Or perhaps, you can connect the device to Bluetooth and control it via a smartphone app.

Comfort and Size

Comfort and size are among the important considerations when buying the best electric thermal insoles. You can own the hottest insoles, but they are useless if they don’t fit your foot.

Make sure the insoles are the right size for your ski boots. Some insoles come in one size only. Choose a pair that offers trim-to-fit options for a more comfortable fit. 

If you suffer from collapsed arches or plantar fasciitis, consider getting thick heated insoles to provide proper foot support. But be careful not to buy too thick insoles because they may lead to an overly tight fit.

Build Quality

You must also look into the material used by the heated insole. Get a pair made with soft and breathable yet durable construction. Velvet and polyurethane are among the fabrics used for the upper or insole cover. 

It is also best to use water-resistant materials. These can withstand moisture and snow contact while you’re skiing.


Without the battery, the heated insoles won’t be able to provide the necessary warmth for your feet. Always consider the battery capacity (duration) and type before buying the product.

Most heater insoles for ski boots typically run five to six hours using the lowest power setting. High-tech devices with large batteries can last for longer periods. These can range from eight hours to 21 hours.

Lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries are the most common battery types. But some manufacturers produce their own batteries, such as the Therm-ic with their C-pack batteries. 

Although manufacturers usually include two batteries in the set, consider getting extra ones. These are handy when the free pair gets depleted unexpectedly.

Finally, learn how long it takes for the batteries to charge fully. Some models can recharge within several minutes, but others take hours. If you’re skiing long distances, use powerbanks or carry extra power cells.


Heated insoles are easy to use—you simply need to turn them on. However, installation is an entirely different thing.

Most devices have a cable that connects to the battery, which powers the thermal insoles. 

You must attach the wiring to the battery. Then, secure it to your ski boots. This step is tricky because the insoles won’t heat if the connection is broken. Using the included strap attachments or gaiters can help. Adjust their position in your boots or legs until you feel comfortable.


The price of heated insoles can vary depending on several factors. These include the heat coverage area, the material used, and battery capacity, among other things.

A high-quality pair with Bluetooth and large batteries can cost you up to $400. It may be worth it if you’re always skiing long distances. 

But if you’re on a budget, you can find products that retail as low as $60. Expect them to have lower build quality or poorer battery capacity. However, you can still enjoy warm feet when using these cheap insoles.

Warranty and Support

The last things to consider are the warranty and support from the manufacturer.

Look for insoles with warranty coverage, as it lets you replace or return the product if they don’t meet your expectations. It also protects against product defects or malfunction. The longer the warranty period, the better.

And don’t underestimate the importance of good customer support. Buyers must be able to easily contact the manufacturer when they encounter issues with the ski boot insoles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between heated insoles and heated ski socks?

Heated insoles can provide warmth to your entire soles, whereas heated socks warm your whole feet. But it’s worth noting that the heating element may only cover the top of the toe. The former only works if you’re wearing boots or any enclosed shoes. But the latter can keep you warm all day long, even if you’re not donning boots.

Another difference between heated insoles and heated socks is their price. The insoles are often more expensive than the socks because of more complicated systems.

Heated insoles are reusable as long as you charge their batteries. In contrast, socks require cleaning after each use.

Lastly, insoles tend to take up more space in the boots compared to socks, which use minimal shoe space. Consider sizing up if you’ll use the latter.

How to use heated insoles?

Refer to the user manual of the product to learn how to properly operate heated insoles. In general, though, you’ll need to follow the steps below to use the device. 

First, inspect if the insoles fit your shoes or boots. If not, trim them until they match the size of your footwear.

Next, turn the power switch on, which is located at the heel of the insole. 

Unpack the included batteries. Charge them using the free charger.

Then, connect them to the insoles. Secure the batteries using the gaiters or attachments (if included). 

Carefully insert the insoles into the boots. Adjust them when necessary to ensure proper fit. 

If your device offers adjustable temperature levels, use the remote control or press buttons on the battery pack to change the heat setting.

How long do heated insoles last?

Electrical heated insoles usually last long enough to operate through one ski day. A single charge can last you anywhere from six hours up to 21 hours. However, the exact battery life can vary depending on the heat setting and battery capacity. 


All our recommended heated insoles above have great user reviews and features. We’re confident you can find the right product for your needs and budget.

Our favorite product is the Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles. They have a large heating area that warms your entire feet. They use 2500mAh batteries to provide uninterrupted heating for six hours. Plus, these batteries let you adjust the heat level according to the weather.

If you have a bigger budget, we suggest the Hotronic Upgraded FootWarmer S4+. It has four adjustable temperature levels. It can also heat insoles for up to 21 hours, perfect for an entire ski day.

Since we’ve already researched the best products for you, save time by grabbing your favorite heated insoles from the list above. And go back to what you love doing—skiing!